Story FM

Story FM is a popular Chinese podcast featuring stories told in the first person by ordinary Chinese of various backgrounds. 

I Want to Go to Huoshenshan to Care for My Grandma

The Unrecorded | 未被记录的Ta们

The Unrecorded is a volunteer organization, dedicated to collecting information on cases of those who are suspected to have died as a result of COVID-19 but are not included in the official statistics. Humans of Wuhan is currently collaborating with this organization to translate the oral stories of their relatives. If you are willing to share a story about a relative or friend who you have lost, please complete this form . Help us record their stories to ensure that those we have lost are not forgotten. 

Unable to send off a family member


SandwiChina is a creative writing platform established in 2011. The organization focuses on China’s sandwich generation - being around 30 years old, feeling pressure from all aspects of life, but at the same time trying to stay true to their dream and passion.

How Wuhan people decompress at home

Anqing Deng | 邓安庆 | Writer

Deng Anqing is a writer from Wuxue in Hubei province. His essay collections include Kingdom on Paper, A Soft Distance, and Candies in the Mountain. He is also the author of two short story collections, I’ve Met a Somali Pirate and A Star at the End of the Sky, and a novel, Wanghua Town. 

I’m Going With You

Miss Shittake

Miss Shiitake is a Wuhan resident. Like many others, she kept a personal log during the lockdown #封城日记 on social media.

Four Days into Lockdown: My Family’s Life

Six Days into Lockdown: Sunshine Came Through

Eleven Days into Lockdown: Where is the End of the Lockdown?

Twenty Days into Lockdown: Still Trapped

More authors

Fun 404 is a resident in Hubei province.

Dr. Cai is an anesthesiologist at Wuhan Central Hospital. He wrote a memorial for the owner of a convenience store.

Dr. Jinn is a doctor from Shandong who joined the fight against COVID-19 in Hubei. 

Wang Jiaxing is a reporter on the frontline.

沙丘 is a reporter on the frontline.

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